Third Set Music Management

Oh, Third Set Music Management. I want to dedicate this post as a tribute to the dog that was lost. When I met the wonderful owner of Third Set Music Management, Heidi, she boasted about her two pits. Love a pit momma, we bonded instantly, and have collaborated on this event since. Third Set Music Management has taken over the two stages, both the booking and management of them, despite losing one of her pits to cancer in the process.
I can’t understand how people get out of bed when they loose their pets, but Heidi did. She got out of bed, and took care of her other sweet pit Mayhem, and kept breathing, kept moving. Mischief was diagnosed with cancer at only 3 years old, and Heidi was told there was nothing she could do, she was heartbroken and I was heartbroken for her. The story ripped my heart out. Mischief was the quintessential pitbull, happy and loving until the very end.
These dogs are our babies, they are next to us and they love us at our worst. Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows that they leave a hole in your heart but that is good, they should. Pets fill us up and we pour our love back into them, it is only right that that love is lost forever when they are gone. We heal, as they would want us to, but that piece of us is theirs always. I’m fairly certain by the end of my life only scraps of my heart will be left over, the dogs of my world will have taken the bulk of the muscle over the rainbow bridge with them. I wouldn’t have it any other way.