Planned Parenthood of Maryland

Planned Parenthood was one of the first exhibitors to sign up! I met their team at another event they were doing and talked to them about our involvement in the community and they were hooked. Planned Parenthood not only talked the talk but walked the walk, they said they wanted to be at the center of the community and then they joined! I sat and talked for a long time about health, both mental and sexual, about women’s health and how animals can benefit our general health. I believe that a healthy dog owner is a better dog owner and Planned Parenthood is the epitome of women’s health. Did you know that women, or couples are more likely to adopt from the shelter, than men? Women are also more likely to spoil their dogs than men. 80% of animal shelters are run by women! We are so thankful to this organization that supports women, so these women can support dogs!

Civic Works (Retrofit Baltimore Program)

Civic Works, Retrofit Baltimore is changing the Baltimore communities. If you are from Baltimore, you understand the old charming houses on narrow charming alleys but with those old charming houses come not so charming old drafts. The houses of 2018 are just as efficient as they were in 1910, Retrofit Baltimore solves this problem. By switching homes over to solar and more efficient upgrades they focus on the “the personal”, “the communal” and “the global” benefits that are within reach. Retrofit Baltimore lowers electric bills making home owning more affordable, they offer family sustaining jobs to underserved Baltimore residents and help lower your personal carbon footprint. This is a group I see at EVERY expo I attend, because they want to get the word out, they want to help. Visit to learn m ore about this community oriented non-profit.


I troll the halls of B.A.R.C.S regularly, I’ve consistently attended BARCtoberfest, they are my hometown shelter and writing a post about them has been difficult. How do you write about a shelter that gave you not one but two best friends. These articles are meant to gush over the amazing people and businesses that have come together to be a part of a community of dog lovers but B.A.R.C.S really began my journey as a dog lover, they began all of this. Not only is B.A.R.C.S open for adoptions but they also have low cost services for the community. B.A.R.C.S is making adopting and owning pets affordable, they are helping people keep their pets during financial distress and they have a specialty fund (the Franky Fund ) to take care of sick and injured animals. They give back all of these things while being an open admission shelter, working off of grants and donations, and going from only saving 240 lives in 2004 to 9,000 lives in 2016. Visit to learn more about B.A.R.C.S and how you can help!

Chesapeake Search Dogs

Dedicated to recovering the lost and missing. Chesapeake Search Dogs is an amazing organization that at no cost provides search dogs to the MD, VA, and PA area. How can you get better for our community than working with local police enforcement, fire departments, emergency management agencies and natural resource authorities. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would dream of a job like this and out of the world it stepped and through this expo I DO get to work with them! When I talk about the missions Chesapeake Search Dogs describes their dogs are priceless, I think they are the priceless ones. I hope none of you ever need to use them but they are there working tirelessly to become the heroes you’ll never forget if you or a loved one ever does go missing. Visit to support them, learn about them, love them.

Don’t Be A Bully LLC

Don’t Be A Bully LLC was founded to save bully breeds so they can save others. This business offers a second chance to bully breed dogs on urgent lists all over the East Coast by extensively training them to be service dogs or therapy dogs and teaming them up with people who are living with disabilities. These unfairly maligned breeds are being euthanized at alarming rates and they deserve a second chance at life. Don’t Be A Bully LLC works to make this option available to others who can benefit from the quality of life a service animal can provide. The founder of Don’t Be A Bully is also one of the organizers of the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo, Rachel Beller. Rachel breathed life into this expo originally as a platform to help get out her message about the atrocities of Breed Specific Legislation and as more businesses became involved she fell in love with their message as well and the show grew. While this is Rachel’s first year as a promoter she is no stranger to the fundraising world of animal advocacy. ” Everyone complains about their job and I’m no different. Some days are harder, really, really hard. Sometimes there isn’t a connection between a dog and a person I want to help, sometimes I’m too late to rescue a dog, sometimes money gets in the way, BUT, I do get to wake up every day and look into the grateful faces of dogs who might not be around if it wasn’t for Don’t Be A Bully.” I’m really excited to find new ways to advocate for bully breeds and dogs in general, I’m excited to team up with small businesses and help one another, and I’m excited to get in front of my community and ask for support.

Pinups for Pitbulls

When starting the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo I knew I had to have Pinups for Pitbulls there! I started messaging them right away, before I had materials, insurance, rights to use the park, dates or a plan and to my HUGE surprise, they said yes! I told them a little about my journey and my love of bully breeds, my idea for the expo and how it would help these dogs and they were on board because of values were so closely aligned. Deirdre Franklin founded Pinups For Pitbulls in 2005 to help advocate for these dogs who were being euthanized because of their reputation, now almost 15 years later Pinups for Pitbulls in a internationally recognized organization, with teams of volunteers in over 20 different states, who host fund-raisers, educational seminars, and community out-reach initiatives. I am so honored to have Pinups for Pitbulls at the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo. Visit to learn more about the organization, see where they will be, check out merchandise and donate.

Wings of Love Kuwait

Wings of Love Kuwait is the Non-Profit partner for the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo, and a part of the proceeds are donated to this rescue that we love so much. Upon meeting Patricia, the founder of Wings of Love Kuwait, it was obvious her dedication to dogs. We had been trying to meet up for a few weeks and when we finally got together it was after, a fight to Kuwait to rescue some dogs, a flight back to Baltimore with these dogs, a flight to who knows where and back for her other job as a flight attendant, and in the midst of a home check to get one of her Kuwait dogs adopted. Patricia showed up cheerful in her dog t-shirt, pup in tow and what was suppose to be an hour cup of coffee turned into a three hour collaboration meeting about what adopters we had for each other and how we could work together. I was amazed by her business, a solely women’s run rescue dedicated to getting dogs out of abuse and neglect situations in a country that has almost no animal protection programs. The Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo is so privileged to have these women join. Visit to adopt, foster, donate to this amazing rescue.