The Goddard School, Canton

This year is the Goddard School’s thirtieth anniversary and the slogan of the anniversary is “All grown up and still learning”, it struck a cord. I’m so impressed with businesses that realize they never stop learning. These are people who teach our children, who hold their hands when they fall down on the playground and help develop socialization that they’ll use for the rest of their lives and they admit that they are still learning and pushing. That is what I want, not only for my kids, and kids in my communities but for the businesses in my communities as well. Having the Goddard School in our city makes us better, they are raising kids who will become business owners like us, run non-profits, develop city plans, become mayor, AND YET, they are still supporting the community by being apart of expos like the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo. Visit to learn more about the Goddard School.

Ken Clark

Have you ever gushed to a friend about your dog and realized they were just not that into it? That’s not Ken Clark, looking at his paintings you can see that Ken sees your pet with the love and affection you do. Ken’s talent isn’t the only reason I am really excited that he joined the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo, his impressive passion and commitment to his passion is inspiring. After years of life getting in the way, Ken finally came back to his passion, painting and has made a killer business of it. Ken knew who he was and fought to get there, no matter the obstacle. I hope more business owners, or aspiring business owners can look up to Ken’s dedication. Visit to view Ken’s animal expressions or to contact him about painting a portrait of your pet that you will keep forever.

Best Friends Fur Ever

Who do you trust with your babies? I have heard horror story after horror story of dogs being mistreated or neglected at boarding facilities, or at groomers, how do you leave your pets with anyone? I met the owner of Best Friends Furever at a Networking meeting where as soon as I said I had dogs, she wanted to see every picture of them I had and she shared hers in returned. We stayed at the table long after the networking event was closed, coming up with ways to help each other and help more pets. She started to tear up as she told me how hard that day had been, that one of her clients had to put down their pup who had been coming to their daycare for a long time. She told me how tired she was because she had woken up early to comfort the parents when they dropped their baby off for the last time, and how hungry she was because she got a cheeseburger on her lunch for the pup instead of eating herself. I could leave my dogs with this woman, I thought, but what about her staff. As if reading my mind, she started talking about hiring a new staff member and how worried she was over it, she didn’t want to pick the wrong person, she wanted the best. She wants the best because she’s the best and believes our pets deserve the best, thats someone I can be ok leaving my dogs with. I know at Best Friends Fur Ever, my dogs will be safe, and happy, and loved, and taken care of, so I can rest easy. Visit for Dog Day Care, boarding, grooming and other special services.

Best Dog On the Block

I met Eileen, the founder of Best Dog On the Block, over and over again, it’s like the networking world was pushing us together. Finally, we sat down and realized what a huge benefit we could be to each other. As a bully advocate, I’m always looking for ways to wear out this determined, and Eileen’s snuffle mats are pure magic! Not only do snuffle mats wear dogs out mentally and physically but if you have a dog that eats quickly then the snuffle mat slows them down. I love them but I also love that Eileen shows people that are unemployed how to make them and then buys them from them! The Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo is full of world changers and Best Dog on the Block is a prime example. Visit to buy a snuffle mat and learn more about Eileen.

Women’s Expo Forum

Patsee Anderson has always had a passion for small business, from being an exhibitor herself in craft fairs when she was just starting out, to creating and promoting the Maryland Women’s Expo a place for women run small business, to mentoring event planners starting their own small businesses. Patsee has always had her hand in all facets of the small business community but in the last year, she has really come to realize her calling to the exhibitors. “Exhibitors have ALWAYS been my favorite part!” and now she knows exactly how she wants to work and help them. Patsee was brought onto the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo especially for the exhibitors, she is hosting work shops to help make the most of their time and money at the expo, she wants to help show them what she always knew kind of intuitively, how to get noticed. Go to www. to learn more about Patsee and the ways she can help your small business.

Zulubit Technologies LLC

Zulubit is a technology business specializing in Crypto Currency and network integration. While Crypto Currency is in its infancy, it has become a disruptive force in today’s society. The IRS has come out with rules and regulations, acceptance can be found at huge retailers like Target, the SEC has named a Crypto Czar, and Goldman Sachs even has it’s own Bitcoin trading desk on Wall Street. With huge investors like Elon Musk and the Winklevoss twins, it’s not hard to see that Cyrpto currency is here to stay. Austin, the founder of Zulubit LLC wanted to get involved with the Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo because of his love for dogs. “People aren’t always my favorite but I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like”. Austin has a 10 year old beagle who suffered from spinal collapse when he was a puppy, after many surgeries and a huge expensive, his buddy is doing ok. “I want to help people invest in the next phase of the currency revolution, I want to help them be financially stable enough to take care of the crazy things that can happen to their pets.” Austin admits that one of the main reasons he became a business owner is to have more time to spend at home with his dog. The Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo is excited to have such a passionate dog owner, and to add Zulubit Technologies to our diverse group of small businesses. Visit to learn more about Crypto Currency and how Zulubit can help you.